My H&M Purchases this weekend


Hi Guys!

So this weekend I decided to go to H&M just to see what new things the store had and I exited the shop with only two articles. I didn't see a lot of exciting things but I didn't have a lot of money to spend inside the store which was also why I only purchased these items. 
The first piece that I bought was this alligator pattern tank top which I found fantastic! I fell in love the minute I stepped inside the store! As I walked in my eyes spotted this top and I had t get it!
 The pattern is really cool and cute and, since my brother is a huge fan of alligators and crocodiles I decided that I wanted to surprise him with this top! 
This top costs 9,99€.

The other product I bough was this adorable and cute kimono! I never owned a kimono but always wanted one but every time I searched for them they were either ugly or to small for me.
I didn't thought that I was one of those that uses floral products since it never was a thing that I admired in clothing. BUT my fashion sense is starting to change! A long time ago I exited my comfort zone and bought a pair of floral pants and I really liked them. 
This product is really smooth and I just love it soo much! I can't wait to wear it!
This product was 14.99€. 

 (The pattern is just gorgeous!) Floral Kimono 

Did you like my purchases? Do you have any recommendations for other products from the store? Leave them in the comments! 

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4 comentários

  1. I love the kimono :)

  2. Esse quimono é mesmo bonito! Adoro o padrão.

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy 🌵

    1. É não é ?! Fiquei feliz quando finalmente encontrei um que gostasse :)